So, how did it all start?

My name is Sharon, and I'm an artist and a graphic designer, based in Tel-Aviv.
One day, I found a tiny sculpture of a priest with a pole, the kind you put on the top of a wedding cake. I already had 20 tiny baby chickens, made of rubber. Then I build a small scene: the priest, with a bird attached to the top of his pole, is standing while 20 rubber baby chickens surrounding him in a half a circle, like they are listening for his homily. It made me smile, making such things and place them on a shelf at my house.
One day, I took a pink spray, and covered all of them. the original colors were kinda cheep looking, and the new cover gave its shape a good looking contrast instead. So I bought more plastic kids toys, like animals and insects and cover them with one color. They were beautiful! maybe they can use as a magnets to the refrigerator or something like that. But still, it was very nice, but I didn't actually created something new with these toys.
And a great idea came to me: what if I took one animal and combine it with another? but not in an ordinary way. I want it to be absurd, grotesque, interesting. So I tried some, and I loved the concept. But the execution was terrible, and it took about 4 months of materials testing until I found my technique. At that point I made the decision to open Fauna and share it with people from all around the world.  
When I look back at all of my work so far, I can see a main subject: duality. I think that in a way, everything I have ever created led me to make these animals. 

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